Something you throw into a camp fire or fire in general. Then run like hell before it blows your eardrums out...
"RUN YOU DUMBFUCK! That butane bottle is gonna explode"
by happykillmore August 7, 2006
pres butan to go
Jorge: HOW DO I GO?
by butan November 20, 2004
Something you press, usually associated with gaming.
Press butan to continue
by PoSeiDoN August 8, 2003
“My dad says butane’s a bastard gas
-Bobby Hill
by Jahamez December 22, 2021
Butanal, or known as Butyraldehyde is the chemical compound of C4H8O. Butanal is also the formula for creating children (butt + anal = buttanal).
Chad: Hey, did you guys do the butanal lab during Chemistry today? I love making buttanal with my lab partner. I would love to do the buttanal with you some time!

Heather: Ummmm...... ok?
by I ate my gnorities October 2, 2020
Code word for KY Touch Silk (Tingling Sensatation) Massage and Personal Lubricant
You know what's better on sunburn than aloe vera... butane... (long story feel free to ask)
by Jack K'noff July 11, 2008
Butan is game of skill dating back to native cultures of central America. Butan is a combination game of ro-shem-bo and the bagel/pizza game. Players are allowed an active defense of direct kicks to the gentiles in this competition.
by Nathan January 28, 2005