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When a woman is going down on a man, right before he ejaculates he pushes down on the back of her head (or punches her in the back of the head) causing he to choke and cough thus shooting the semen out her nose. Like a dragon shooting flames or ice of it's nose.
See, sticky dragon or white dragon
Jenny was sucking my deek off so I punched her in the back of the melon and as she shot my load out her nose I screamed "Ice Dragon!" . . . it was awkward the next day at work.
by Esquigo August 19, 2006
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while a male is receiving a blow job the male hits on the back of the females head making sperm come out of her nose
yo i just ice dragoned that ho

by joe fernandez the 3rd March 11, 2008
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A word that describes a person with anger issues,bad language. Overall "thug"typically not a rolemodel or a good person to be around.
Why are you hanging out with icedragon? Do you know the consequences that can come from that?
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by TheRealOGsquanto March 12, 2018
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