Someone who is "Pulling the strings". In esscence, someone controlling what goes on beneath them.
Bush is controlled by a puppet master - speculation.
by Gumba Gumba February 25, 2004
Noun. Mostly used under political connotations, but can be applied elsewhere.

Definition: A person who uses their actions or words to control someone or something of a lesser will, also known as pulling the strings of someone or something. Often a puppet master uses actions in addition to thoughtfully assembled words (with a commanding or guilt-inducing voice inflection) as his or her weapon. Puppet masters use their victims to acquire things, such as sex, money, anything of monetary value, and emotional holds over others (their puppets). Often occurs (but is not limited to) in close relationships such as intimate romantic relationships, parent-child relationships, and employer-employee relationships. A puppet master's interactions with their victim/s is almost always beneficial for the one pulling the strings.
1. Some speculate their must be a puppet master above President Bush.

2. Girl #1: I'm so happy, my car is spotless. My boyfriend washed it for me this weekend.
Girl #2: Damn, he just washed it last week! What are you, the puppet master?

3. My boss is being a total puppet master, I've been working overtime this past two weeks and didn't realize it until I got my pay check and realized I don't get paid for overtime!
by USS Lady Red September 5, 2007
Jamming your arm up someone's ass (up to the elbow) until you can control their movement.
Don't make me go puppet master on you, bitch.
by stonr July 1, 2004
Someone who is the true master in the master/slave relationship.
He/she would become a puppet master if the puppet didn't resist.
by Solid Mantis June 5, 2019
1: one helluva album by King Diamond 2: the act of using words and phrases to change the way others think-making them feel guilt or sorry for you...often times trying to manipulate them so one can get one's own way.
"Yeah, yesterday Jeremy was trying to puppet master me again...that ass hole."
by Messsser September 29, 2006
A control freak, low self esteem corrupt person who needs winged monkeys and others to follow them all time. somene who is fearful of people who see through them and hace their own minds.. someone who need to control and manipulate a game the already lost. Somene who need to cheat to win. Over power, poser, impose will on weak other break others wil and put them on strings.. undermine the minds freedome adn over power others soul. a fake person, and needy fake person who needs other to control..
They broke down the will of her sister who escaped them years ago and lived a free life she cut strings ties , so she wanted to man to break her down, cripple her and control her mind to be a puppet to puppet master. she was so much more free than them. the puppet master has a puppet master .
by artifiial nigga February 24, 2018
Here's a realistic look at a puppet master. A puppet master controls other peoples lives, so they don't get to claim to have to be sub serviant or made to feel less than around anybody, it's their world. A puppet master already has all the power and all the money, there's nothing left to do but control everybody's lives, your tv air time is wasting the viewing audiences time.
Puppet masters control the viewing audiences life, they're bitching about their own rights and lives isn't interesting though, I guess if you think there's something more interesting in life than a puppet master, you're considered a narcissist by a puppet master.
by Solid Mantis March 25, 2018