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please refer to rich white teens with problems that aren't real problems
dawson's creek sucks balls as a tv show.

"OMFG debbie just totally rolled her eyes at me now my life is over."

dawson's creek sucks balls as a tv show.
by lordblazer December 6, 2006
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See Punishment
In all seriousness if you do play this game you better try to make some money out of it like the gil sellers do, otherwise don't bother playing this game. Its one big grind. For everything. ITs all a huge time sink. You can try to solo. Hell I did it with my Bard with no problems. But I used BRD/THF and people laughed. Thought it was funny. higher lvl brds were so elitist it was ridiculious. AfterI discovered that endgame sucked. I stopped playing. IT was exactly around the time I was a senior in highschool back in 2005. Point is. I started living in real life, and if this game taught me something is that real life is better than this game itself. As I've always left this game with a HUGE fucking headache.

Now I live in Japan and sinc eI moved here Japan reminds me of FFXI. Everything takes forever and you can't do things on your own. PRetty much SE made a stimulation of Japanese life to make sure we know, but instead we get to pay :D.

BTW shit is expensive in Japan just like FFXI.

Final Fantasy XI
avoid this game at all cost.
Final Fantasy XI
by lordblazer January 2, 2009
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a term use for an insult towards dust-bowl migrants from texas to nebraska most of then were oklahomans thus okies.
Most of hte time they werekilled int he west and were unfairly treated and an author byt he name of John SteinBeck lived amoungst them to write a photgraph essay and show it to the nation thus starting the estabilishments of unions.
guy"dont worry we jsut killed all those people "
guy2"what you kille dthem all"
guy"yep women and children"
guy"dont worry they're okies"
by lordblazer May 5, 2004
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The buckle of the bible belt. There are nice people, and jerk-offs.

Of course there are hillbillies, but hillbillies are everywhere.. Even in california(even though they deny it).

Anyway most of the defs. heere have posted their wo cents out of pure ignorance of the state.

IT has some great tourist sites. Like little sahara, or the Great Salt Plains... WE have some of the last buffalo herds.

Anyway I grew up in Oklahoma city.. OKC isn't an isolated city. Also Tulsa isn't isolated, but most people odn't live in these cities. Anyway living in OKC is like living in a city that is an outpost. The towns that surround you are filled with hicks..

Edmound is a suburb of OKC, and relally is your typical suburban sprawl. Anyway a majority of the small towns in oklahoma are like what he dick heads pbefore me said, but in the cities the scenarios are different. Since now we have the asian mafia trying to keep control of the vietnamese area of OKC
Oklahoma is an ok state to raise your kids, but that's it. IF you are young and live in this state. You will find yourself traveling a lot because staying in oklahoma for your summers.... Well yea it ain't gonna happen.
by lordblazer February 12, 2007
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Just to make the "gifted" or over achievers in highschool feel special and smart. While the ones that are considered idiots actually take congruent enrollment, and earn credit by taking an actual college class instead of doing the AP program were you have to take a standardise test right after the class for a slim chance you would get credit......

Just my two cents about the Advanced Placement Program.
by lordblazer February 12, 2007
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Aqua is a pop group from Europe that everyone loves to dance to their songs, but its taboo to publicly admit this.
ITs a pop group that has a huge catch 22

by lordblazer January 24, 2007
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This group was formed during an era of racial tennsion and great racial injustices. Such as the government not helping black people in their neighborshoods in a sense of alienating them and screwing them over. Thus the Black Panthers came to help the black community and even ran a free breakfast program to help feed children in their own neighborhoods. THis group is no where near the KKK hell if anything blacks have a lot of reasons to hate Whites and yet we don't and yet we want equal crap and yet whites today feel threatened when a black person wants to gain some power. As if we aren't suppose to have it. For when we want something they go "wait what about equal rights"

THis will get negetive votes due to the fact that it doesn't speak for white folks who vote on here.
a group that helped the black community and is nothing like the KKK.. Black Panthers was a gorup that helped not murder.
by lordblazer March 20, 2006
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