The Mother Fuckin' Cost. Straight out of Austin, TX, they are an amazing political hardcore band.
by Chappie Butter April 18, 2005
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The term "protect him at all costs" or more commonly "protect this man at all costs" is a way of expressing that someone is a blessing and makes the world a better place in some way. The call for protection emphasizes that a quality is rare enough to need active support in the first place, and valuable enough to make the protection worthwhile. It might refer to something that is thought to be extinct, like manners and virtues that diminished in significance in the society over time. Oftentimes, the rarity is based on the uniqueness of the discussed quality. The quality might be based purely on comedic value. But the term is commonly used to comment wholesome content in social media.
For a video in which a policeman does way more than he legally has to do to fulfill his duty (for example, helping an elderly woman he got to know during shift privately with something she can't do on her own nor afford to be done professionally), a comment might be:
"Protect him at all costs!"

A variation based on the example might be:
"Protect this policeman at all costs!!!"
by Gebieter May 22, 2023
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When something is so cute and makes you feel warm on the inside that you want to hold them in your pocket. Or in other words, makes you feel uwu. Sort of makes that person seem like an object, but....uwu?
by bts army November 25, 2018
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