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A terribly underated game that derserves more credit than it will ever get. Usually put down by FFVII fanboys who are generally too stupid to play any other game, mainly because Sephiroth was in FFVII
FF7 fanboy: OMG like ff7>>>>>all other FF
Person with IQ above 10: Why
Person with IQ above 10: You're a fucking retard.
by Ridge November 12, 2004

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The most amazing, beautiful, by far the greattes human being with a vagina(femlae) ever. She makes anyone and everyone have a smile on their face. But she has the greatest smile ever, and no person or anyone could ever amount to her in any single sort of way.
Man, that guy who's dating Emily Smith is so lucky, dawg.
by ridge March 18, 2012

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Originated by the man, the myth, the legend, Bill Callaghan. The Clap is what Bill uses to signify that the drink is on him at the wonderful JJ Bubbles. If you're not paying attention, Bill will wait and start to get angry that you're not acknowledging him, or he will simply give you the "Air Clap" from a distance.
We're going to Bubbles and hopefully the Callaghan Clap is in full effect.
by Ridge March 05, 2005

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Tush Hog, fat woman. A woman that is obese. A woman with a fat belly and a big head. Some fat woman that looks like a bull and a gator.
by Ridge July 01, 2003

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Little balls of dirt that hang from your butt. To be dirty...to be an orbadink
by Ridge July 01, 2003

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