created in 2004, it signifies power to all the races. but it has no wieght in promoting racisim.
man that was just full of all sorts of powa.
by sam r i April 2, 2005
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What most Black preachers think you have.
I have the power.
Nah, say it like ya mean it, boy.
by FUCKYOU November 2, 2003
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Prisoner Of War Ass

Refers to someone that has no appreciable ass.
That girl has a POWA, like she came out of Auschwitz.
by raw88 January 24, 2011
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Powa' Bottling is also known in some circles as "Power Bottling".

When one smashes a bottle filled with either a corrosive or damaging chemical or substance cover someones head to cause maxium damage.
"I powa' bottled that dickhead last night, shouldn't have looked at my girl, should he?"

"This man need quick medical attention get him into surgery, he's been power bottled!"

"Powa' bottling, the best way to end a bar fight..."
by Dr. Wellington and Sons June 25, 2012
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Slang (mainly northern) for strong cocaine often used by dealers.
Dealer's marketing text Yes g, powa flake there.
by WillieBigWillie December 7, 2021
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