The absolute best movie in the world. This beats any other movie you've ever seen in your life. If you liked Ninja Scroll, Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, or any sort of anime, you'll love Final Fantasy 10. mean it was a game?
Laz: Hey, have you guys seen that great, heart-stopping movie Final Fantasy 10?
by InfiniteSeraph January 9, 2004
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Final fantasy 10 is a total buds game. Takes like 200 hours to fully compleate and anyone who says the storyline is crap must just be too stupid to understand whats happening. K the end boss is a little ahole but Nemisis is by far the hardest boss in ANY final fantasy game.
Some dumb guy: Final fantasy sucks balls the story line is all fucked up...

Me: Your just some dumb nerd sitting behind you computer, say that to my face. I'll cut your lips up so you never say anything like that again.

Some dumb guy: Your totally right, now im gonna blow my brains out cause im such a stupid moron.
by Sephiroth April 19, 2004
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The worst fucking Final Fantasy ever. With the lamest main character, along with Squall, pathetic storyline and ending aswell.

"Dude, shut the fuck up *snaps disc* < Player
by Cloud October 20, 2003
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A great game. Mainly about the story.

My reviews are Graphics 8/10, Cinematic 10/10, Game Play 7/10, Music 10/10, Story 10/10. I will never forget about this game because of the story. I would rate this game 100/10 for the story; it's absolutely touching. I'm not a gay type but this game really made my cry a couple of times. This game is more like a movie than a game but if this game was a movie, this game would be like 150% better than Titanic. =D
This is your chance to change the spiral of death; this is the time where you control your destiny.-Auron.

Yuna, let's go to Zanarkand together, I can show you what blitzball is like over there!-Tidus

I must defeat Sin.-Yuna

Kimahri must protect Yuna.-Kimahri

Don't do it Yuna, don't sacrifice yourself to do the final summonning!-Rikku

I am the captain of the blitzaball team. Do you wanna join our team, bro?-Wakka

It's ok, Yuna. I'll be at your side as always.-Lulu
by Anonymous January 14, 2005
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hands down, the best game made. ever. anyone who disagrees or thinks the game sucked is probably some guy who only likes the game for the sake of masturbating to its female characters and does not possess the mental capabilities to understand the emotional import of the game.
final fantasy 10 definetly kicked ass, and x - 2 was good despite what the retards who arent comfortable with their sexuality said.
by seraphicreverie January 31, 2005
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An often overrated Final Fantasy title. An impressive game for it’s time, it didn’t age particularly well. It features a nonsensical, disjointed plot full of silly contrivances galore and it doesn’t really take off until about Lake Macalania. After that, it begins to get interesting and intense. It has too many villains, all of which aren’t particularly good and features some pretty horrendous English voice acting and localization that hurt the experience quite a bit. It’s better than 12 and 13 but is a decidedly average, low frills Final Fantasy overall and felt lacking compared to the PS1 games. It had a horrendous gimmicky sequel that undermined the poignant, emotional ending it had.
Final Fantasy 10 was average. A good beginners title but has nothing on 7-9.
by Snideguy3093 March 3, 2022
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