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Fien: a person who is in need of something they crave/ are addicted too.
Lisa is a fien for crack.
Lisa is fiening to smoke crack.
by xelm May 06, 2018
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when you are obsessed with something, for example playing episode, sitting in the hallway, or being lazy. this word was originally used by jaci, savannah, juliana & rachel
you guys are some episode fiens”
by Defining Queen 😂 August 19, 2018
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An extremely hot girl who gets all the boys and is very hot. At school everyone stops and looks at her and she is very sweet to everyone. She can be a bitch sometimes but mostly is a crazy motherfucker. Everyone wants a Fien as a friend. Fien always knows how to get a party started and you'll never be bored with fien as your friend
Guy 1: Did you see that girl at the party the other night?
Guy 2: yeah it must be a Fien!
Guy 1: yeah man, i want that girl so bad!

Guy 2: me too
by iknowyouwantit October 06, 2013
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an insult that is actually kind of undefined it’s just known as an insult
“omg look it’s the fiens” “lets stay away from them”
by Defining Queen 😂 July 29, 2018
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(adj.) used to describe 'cool' person that smokes a lot of weed, drinks and parties every weekend, and gets with many girls. Often wears skinny khakis and boat shoes.
That guy's such a fien, look at him, he already smoked a blunt himself and got with shelley, and the night's not even over!
by fuckedoverfivetimes January 01, 2011
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to use a sharp object to probe any living creatures rectum until blood is apparent.
the man began to fieñ the poor boy as punishment.
by ijclone October 23, 2003
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Fien is a nice and cute girl. Hangs out with mostly boys but can be funny and very sweet. A Fien is mostly a tomboy and can be hilarious and fun at parties as well as school. You can always count on a Fien and it is good to have one as a friend. A Fien can help you with any of your problems.
"I am so happy that I have a Fien as friend, she helped me so much yesterday."
by Fien May 04, 2017
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