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Urban American language. Not quite English, Not quite Spanish
Que pasa me homey? Mes Amigos and me are gonna kick the frijoles out of jou if jou don shutcho taco hole. Comprende?
by Albert February 13, 2003
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When you meet with someone without anyone knowing except you and the person.
by Timbs March 08, 2017
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Used by Hispanic-Americans(ME) to speak to other Hispanic-Americans whom can understand both Spanish and English. When a person can't remember how to say a word in spanish, they say in English, and vice-versa
Yo estaba sentada en mi porch waiting for you.

Cuando fui a la casa I laid down and fell asleep.

My hermano is muy annoying.
by ColombianitaNJ April 15, 2005
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combination of english and spanish words, spoken with the non-english accent and often contains words that are of neither language, or words with elements of both languages. may be spoken by someone who doesnt speak spanish and/or english well, or someone who speaks both very well. often used intelligently by switching languages for emphasis. also spoken by "latinos" in the united states who share parts of U.S. culture and culture from a latin american country, and prefer speaking both languages instead of one or the other (also can interchange languages at will).
parquear (par-ke-ar:, in english "to park" a vehicle, in spanish "estacionar") is an example of a spanglish word.
by francisco villa September 04, 2006
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- Switching from English to Spanish rapidly
- Using spanish words in an English conversation or vice-versa
1. Como se llama la chica con la mochila roja? Oh hey whats up? I have so much homework this sucks!

2. Hey Chica you looked muy caliente today

* Forgive the lack of accent marks and punctuation, my computer doesn't do accent marks and etc.

ps. Talking in Spanglish is fun, its the best of both languages
by Jersey Kid November 01, 2007
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Too lazy to actually speak full Spanish but not wanting to speak full English.
Man: Can I get a McDouble no queso por favor thanks, wow I feel more Mexican already."

Server: Wow you speak mighty fluent Spanglish.
by randomboxinapenis09 January 18, 2016
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An incomprehensible and inane dialect formed by muddling a butchered version of the English language with some form of Spanish; usually the regional variant of Spanish spoken in Mexico.
Juan: Yo ese, my woman is muy fine like un burro, ยฟcomprende?
Tom: Stop speaking Spanglish and get off my lawn you fucking beaner!
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by Not an Avocado June 30, 2020
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