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What soccer moms say when their son has just done something AWFUL. This statement implies that any negative behavior should be excused on the grounds that boys are always doing things that are wrong, and need to be treated with a degree of leniency that borders on insanity.
Bystander: Oh my God, that kid is raping a nun!!
Soccer Mom: <Fake Laugh> Oh, well, you know. Boys will be boys. I'm sure he just had a hard day at school.
by Al October 27, 2003
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A phrase that is used to excuse the natural rowdy behavior of young boys like getting dirty, being hyperactive, and playing rough with other boys. However, it has been disgustingly appropriated by misandrist gender ideologues who have perverted by falsely claiming it is used to excuse criminal activity boys and men do including rape, assault, and murder.

The closest thing to a female equivalent would be a girly girl.
I know Markus is covered in mud, but he’s a little boy and boys will be boys.
by spootyhead June 30, 2016
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An out-dated catch phrase that was used to excuse adolecent mischief, such as stealing a cooling pie from a kitchen window, or not eating your vegetables. Outdated because adolecent mischief now includes rape, murder, car theft, drug abuse, and arson. Such things therefore require severe legal punishments in a criminal court instead of simply writing these heinous acts off as "boys will be boys."
"Oh no! Two armed students have massacred a bunch of fellow students!!!"

"Well, boys will be boys..."
by Pigeon McNugget October 08, 2003
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An excuse that people make for a young guy doing something stupid.
High-school principal: "Your son cut class to smoke a joint and tag the women's locker room. We caught him in there, in a compromising position with two girls."

Mother of 18-year-old: "Well, he shouldn't be doing that...but boys will be boys, I suppose."
by Qit February 25, 2004
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The biggest, pithiest, bullshittest excuse for male behavior that is otherwise legally/morally unacceptable from birth to the grave. Covers socially perverse actions that no girl could ever get away with without the label to the effect of "weird/evil" or "whore", i.e. like fighting, having promiscuous sex, cruelty to people and animals, or any behavior combining selfishness and aggression.
Teacher 1: Last week, one of my students mooned the class. When I called his father, he apologized, laughed and said "Boys will be boys."
Teacher 2: True enough.
Teacher 1: A few days later, his daughter did the same thing. He came down, mortified, and spanked her right in the principal's office.
Teacher 2: Sounds fair.
by bitteryoungwoman April 06, 2009
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A term used to describe male teen behavior. Applies to fights, poor grades, porn, smoking, drugs, booze.
principal: Mrs.Jones, you son was caught drunk smoking a joint in the bathroom while beating up a student and reading a penthouse magazine, all while failing algebra 2.

Mrs. Jones: Boys will be boys
by JACK2353 November 30, 2008
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1 Common phrases used to essentially forgive and forget something that a boy has done, by saying since he is a boy it was just inevitable that he did it.

2 An amazing band :D
1 (mother): Johnny was hiding porn and cigarettes under his bed!
(father): Well boys will be boys. Hey Johnny, how about me and you go get some beer and go to a strip club!

2 A: Hey baby let's shout shout crazy, we're young and in love and you're my best best buddy!
B: That's a catchy song, who sings it?
A: Boys Will Be Boys, they're my obsession :D
by omggrapepoissons March 17, 2009
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