Used to describe someone who is not having a good time or someone in a bad situation. Often used to describe someone who is not partying with the boys.
Example 1:

"Hey man are you coming over for the pre drink?"

" Nah man I'm feasting. Have to go to the wife's grandpa's 80th Birthday"


Example 2:

"Can you come over for noon to catch the westham game?"

"Nah man... I'm at working feasting until at least 4pm"
by VicDamone13 July 16, 2020
Dude, I'm about to FEAST
by Mada! May 26, 2010
A Thanksgiving or any gathering filled with loving, supportive family and/or friends, delicious and plentiful food, and lots of endless laughter.
May you have a feastful Thanksgiving!

I hope your party is a feastful one.
by HazelEyes79 November 26, 2015
when a man eats out the womens vigina or when he licks and sucks the rim of the anus
by Ryan Caldwell April 16, 2014
The term to describe eatin a snickers bar.
" Sound the feasting horn, we have snickers"
by Tyler Short March 9, 2008

1. Short slang for fucking beast, mostly used in conjunction with physical appearance or deviant sexual behavior.
1. That girl is SUCH a feast.

2. Look at that dress she's wearing; what a feast-show.
by Punkysoup August 1, 2005
I had to drop a mad Buddha's Feast after eating that veggie chicken sammich.
by OZ616 May 13, 2010