A person who tries to jump on the photography band-wagon by "Pointing-and-shooting" hundreds of terrible pictures, which they will upload to myspace in an album titled "My Photography", "My Art", or "Critique My work". Always followed up by the person adding "Photography" to their General section, or adding "Photography is my life..." to their About Me.
Bulletin posted at 5;34 by Jake: "Guys check out my photography"
Bulletin posted at 5: 41 by Jake: "C'mon guys I'm a photographer now, check it out"

Joseph: Jake the composition of your pictures are terrible... It looks like you just pointed your camera at whatever flowers or animals or graffiti you saw.... Plus half of them are out of focus, and as it got darker, you didn't change your exposure settings and these pictures didn't come out at all... It looks to me like you are a pseudo-photographer, a fauxtographer.
by Joseph is vegan August 6, 2007
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A person that claims to be a good photographer when in reality they just set their camera to automatic mode a start shooting. This person also happens to fumble over photographic terms or has no knowledge of the terms or switches the color mode to monochrome and calls it artistic no matter what the hell is in in frame.
Funny how all of these "candid" subjects are posing and looking at the camera, this person is a real good fauxtographer!

Wow blurry black and white pictures of tree bark... what a fauxtographer.
by Lightmaster-Cdawg January 29, 2009
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Any person who believes that ownership of a camera marketed as 'semi pro' means that they're a photographer. Examples are usually found elbowing their way to the front of the press pit at concerts, having spun the press office a bullshit tale about them "shooting for a website". Invariably they're students or people who work in IT. I actually coined this term circa 2001 on a British professional photographer's forum - it might have been on f8andbethere.org - and it's subsequently been stolen by any number of togs who claimed to have been the originator of the term.

More recently, it's been coopted as fauxtograph and fauxtography, meaning the deceptive use of visual media to illustrate a story. Personally I don't think that makes sense, and certainly isn't how it was first used fifteen years ago.
"I'm a photographer"

"No you're not; that's a £400 compact camera bought with your 20% staff discount from Jessops - what you are is a fucking fauxtographer, now get out of my damned way" *stabs offending student in the back of the head with the scalloped lens hood of a Canon f2.8 200mm IS*
by Calthulhu February 16, 2015
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In today's world of computer manipulated images, it's sometimes hard to tell reality from fake. A photograph that has been digitally altered so that it no longer reflects reality is a fauxtograph. Faux is French for "fake" or "false". Can be shortened to fauxto (pronounced foe-toe)
"Did you see that fauxtograph that's floating around the internet of a man with a duck's head?"
by Carol Ward January 16, 2006
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Similar to a actual photographer, but not a real artist. Not to be confused with a simple camera owner.

Often presented as a guy with an expensive camera or photography equipment for the sole intent of taking pictures of scantily-clad beautiful women. Easily identified by cheesy pickup lines, but some are more subtle.
Mike says to April: "Shoot shoot shoot! When can I shoot you????" Mike is a fauxtographer.
by EyeTack December 12, 2013
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A fauxtograph is a practical joke in which the video setting of a digital camera is used to trick the target into posing for a really long time for what isn't a picture at all.
"Say 'cheese'!"

(person poses)

"You're taking a fauxtograph aren't you? You asshole."
by GrannyPanties December 13, 2007
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Any picture in an online profile that makes fugly people look hotter. (AKA the "Myspace angle")
Guy 1: Yo, Jessica's Myspace picture makes her look hot.
Guy 2: The dumpy girl?
Guy 1: Yeah - total fauxtograph.

Girl 1: You see Jon's facebook profile?
Girl 2: Yeah - he's way hairy in real life, and fat as f*!~.
Girl 1: I know - TOTAL fauxtograph.
by rcalley February 21, 2008
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