Candid was an anonymous app used by many people to speak their mind freely. It was growing extremely fast but then it’s parent company was bought out and the new owner canceled the app.
Frank: Man, Candid was such a cool app, a shame it was canceled.
by General Muffins October 18, 2017
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A Candid is something or someone that does not have the physical and or mental confidence to talk to women or someone they are attracted to. Words that relate to this are Colgate, and Goldfish
Person 1: Hey Cayden you should go see if you can get that girls number!

Person 2: Ethan I can't, I.... I...., I just can't.

Person 1: Come on you Candid! YOU THINK IT'S A GAME!
by Fish King 13 June 02, 2017
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Candid means to be straight forward. To not lie. To say it how it is.
She is very candid when it comes to telling someone what she wants.
by Let’s_spilltea August 06, 2018
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