I can't go for a swim! I don't have my togs
by Annie February 6, 2003
The act of taking photographs. A photographer is often referred to as a 'tog' and therefore 'togging' is what a 'tog' does.
Right! I'm off to do a spot of togging
by Tedge the Tog January 14, 2012
A bathing suit or swimming outfit.
Is commonly used in many parts of Australia as the everyday word for bathers. Anyone using other words can face ridicule.
We are going to the beach, so don't forget to pack your togs!

I'm wearing my togs under my clothes just in case I want to go swimming later.
by Kaeod June 13, 2012
Photographer shortened from photog term used by freelancers, newspaper stringers, and staffers
Jay Kay and his minders picked on the smallest tog, in the group of paparazzi waiting outside the club, and got a well deserved head butt in the face

The police asked the tog to produce his press card
by S O'Neill November 14, 2006
To tog someone up means to wrap them up warmly, as one does when it's really cold.
"It may be snowing but you're not going to get sick--we'll make sure to tog you up before going outside, don't worry."
by malathia March 6, 2006
GET IN THE CLOSET TOG! my g/fs comin over
by Mike Allen Jones December 31, 2009
To dress in kinky clothing in an attempt to openly admit homosexuality without actually "coming out"
"That Ex MI5 agent David Shaylor been seen togging again."
by Cilit bang bang July 22, 2009