When an image is in black and white or it quite likely to be grey scale
A: Look at this photo I shot

B: Very nice I think it would look better in monochrome though
by Dig bick calum November 10, 2013
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Monochrome (also known as Checkmate or Checkmating) is the femslash/yuri/wlw ship between Weiss Schnee and Blake Belladonna from the American anime-style web series RWBY.

Weiss Schnee and Blake Belladonna are teammates and make up the W and B of Team RWBY, respectively. Weiss was the heir to the Schnee Dust Company and initially had distrust of the White Fang and of the Faunus (one of two races in the world of RWBY that is distinguishable in that they possess the traits of animals). Due to this, she initially runs into conflict with Blake, who grew up in the White Fang and is a Faunus. Over time, they learn to trust each other and now consider each other like family.
Person A: "Monochrome is such a cute ship, I hope it becomes canon soon!"
Person B: "Me too! I hope they support each other when they both go to Atlas, Weiss's home and the place with the most Faunus discrimination."
by GoatGirlsBestGirls November 25, 2019
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the state of being dressed in only black and white, can be applied when grey is thrown into the mix.
takes the same form within language as 'monogamous', e.g monochromously, monochromase.
"looking pretty monochromous today, edwina."
"yeah, just picked up this white jumper and thought hey, why not team it with black and have a monochromous day?"
"it works."
by pixie debauchee October 26, 2007
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Used in reference to something that happen a long while ago. Also used as a hyperbole.
Literal usage: "The same struggles last happened in monochrome to the Roman Empire."

Hyperbolic usage: "Those jeans with that jacket were last seen in monochrome."
by Word Flow June 14, 2021
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To get a blowjob from two girls. One wearing black lipstick and the other wearing white. After recieving the blowjobs,
the lipstick rubs off on the penis. It now looks monochrome; Black, White, and Grey
Dude1: Man i got a monochrome blowjob last night and i thought i was in an old picture.

Dude2: Shweet
by Halleeman June 19, 2009
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Monochromic Reversity: To be or seem the complete opposite of what people think.
During my 7th grade year, there was a case of Monochromic Reversity going around, especially with me. I appeared as what people thought I was, not what I truly am.
by Emmet Carson April 6, 2021
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A photograph or image that is only colored black and white.
TVs back in the 1960s only showed things in monochrome.
by CameronLePizza June 4, 2022
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