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An altered or misleadingly cropped/labeled photograph, or one in which the people/elements have been staged or arranged to give a false effect. See fauxtography.
The image of the dead man being pulled out of the rubble turned out to be a fauxto; a photograph dated ten minutes later showed him walking about.
by jaqua August 11, 2006
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Picture of the digital variety taken and modified by Photoshop or other method to increase it's shock and propaganda value. Used especially well by contributors to the NYTimes, Reuters and other left wing newspapers who have a diffiult time fact checking. That is, unless it is a subject that could damage the United States.
In recent weeks, bloggers such as Michelle Malkin, LGF and others have debunked numerous fauxtos taken in Lebanon. Especially amusing was the altered smoke pic that a 4th grader could have altered more convincingly.
by Tiberius1701 August 11, 2006
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A faux to is a video that is shown as a "how to" video but in reality is someone just bragging.

Let's say there was a video on Youtube, and it was about Call of Duty. The title of the video might be "How to get a 47 knife kill streak" but in reality has no educational value and you can't ACTUALLY learn how to get that kill streak but instead is someone just saying how good they are at the game.
A: Yo look at this video called "How to get a 47 knife kill streak"

B: That's cool. But it's a faux to.

A: What's that mean?

B: Did you ACTUALLY get a "how to" lesson or was the creator bragging about their mad cod skillz?

A: No..

B: See? Faux to.
by AdamBeast308 January 13, 2012
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