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(n) A lateral promotion that involves more work/responsibility without more pay.
I just got a fauxmotion; now I'm doing the work of 3.5 people! Yay.
by Vlad the Impaler August 30, 2005
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The act or fact of being raised in position or rank, usually in title only, without compensation, recognition, or monetary gain.
While Mary got a raise, I got a fauxmotion with a better title and no pay raise.
by Bosrican May 20, 2010
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A promotion without a raise. The act of changing an employee's title without due compensation. The addition of job responsibilities because the employee "deserves a challenge."
To thank you for your good and hard work, we'd like to offer you a title change to 'King of France'. This fauxmotion will not include a raise but you do get new business cards.
by Bjork Van Patten February 03, 2005
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Fake emotions or histrionics. The word is comprised of "faux" (French for "fake") and "emotions."

Pronounced: FOH-MOH-shuhns
"Cindi hates Brittney, but acted sooo happy when Brittney got engaged to Cindi's ex-boyfriend."

"Yeah, that Cindi is full of fauxmotions."

"Whatever. They're both whores."
by CrazyJay November 01, 2011
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Fauxmotion: -noun foh-moh-shun artificial, imitation or fake advancement in rank or position. A fauxmotion can only be identified by the fauxmoted and the fauxmoter due to the illusion of a promotion by external parties, as increased workload and responsibilities are required. A fauxmotion cannot be officially legitimized by title and/or compensation.
Jane: Congratulations on your new promotion, Athena! You really deserved it.

Athena: Thank you, Jane. Unfortunately, I received a fauxmotion, as I will not be receiving an increase in pay or a higher title. It sure has increased my workload, though!
by AthenaAteAphrodite March 14, 2010
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