24 definitions by Vlad the Impaler

The comical/annoying butt-haunch slide across a floor performed by a pet, usually a dog or a cat.
Whiskers did the Craptusi this morning after eating some Easter Grass the night before. Damned cat!
by Vlad the Impaler April 19, 2006
(v.) To refrain from giving a needed ride to friends/coworkers when the opportunity presents itself.
Dude, she totally driveshafted us -- it was raining buckets and she just waved and went to her car and drove home, alone. We're right on her way, too.
by Vlad the Impaler May 12, 2006
Superficially, shallowly, or falsely liberal.
There is no Liberal Media; rather, it's the Gliberal Media.
by Vlad the Impaler May 26, 2007
1. Womanizer, playboy; 2. All-conquering prick.
He screwed around on her with her best friend while he was dating her; what a cuntquistador he was!
by Vlad the Impaler February 8, 2006
1) A strong sense of womanly pride: an exaggerated femininity; 2) exaggerated or exhilarating sense of female cunning and womanly wiles.
Blanche sure used her chickchismo to get what she wanted today!
by Vlad the Impaler August 23, 2006
The indie music and pop cultural underground, the do-it-yourself community
I'm so tired of the indieground; they wear me out with their puritanical posturing.
by Vlad the Impaler August 25, 2006