She is the best person you will you will ever meet
She's hot, Nice, Outgoing, Has a good butt, Will sure make you laugh and is a man magnet.
It is a blessing to be friends with you and you will fall under a spell if you can date her
Theres not a time she will make you cry she will brighten your day if you can spend it with her. She is a goddess and you will cry if she cries because her cry is so beautiful. She's beautiful from the inside out. She's crazy, awesome, beautiful, and probably greek! She's great at cuddling and talks very brightly. She can sometimes say something that isn't well thought out but thats the cuteness of her! I would highly recommend being friends/dating her
"Athena is the thing I think of when I need my happy place"
"I was sad when I woke up but then Athena crossed my mind"
"Athena is as cute as a kitten in a shoebox'
by John Kotoponosis February 7, 2017
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Athena's are very caring and kind. They have both inner and outer beauty though they may not realize it. they are also very talented. Athena's make the perfect friend. They can bring smiles to peoples faces and always help others. They can be a bit insecure. They can be very childish at times but they are intelligent.
Dude 1:Have you heard 'Athena' sing?!
Dude 2:Yeah! Shes talented!
by LoofacoPR July 28, 2014
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The smartest girl you know and hates being humiliated.
She’s such an Athena
by No-one 1234567890190 March 9, 2019
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Athena is a very beautiful and loving person. Always will make you smile and will always be there, they make not only a good loved one but a amazing friend. They are very talented they'll love you no matter how many times you mess up.
Athena is so beautiful

Athena is so smart

Athena is so lovely
by Babyemo December 27, 2018
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The best person you will EVER meet. She's a little crazy, but you come to love that about her eventually. She's awesome, pretty and fun. The funnest person you could ever meet. She's pretty epic and should be treated nicely. Make sure you talk to her and don't ignore her. She's cool =)
You're the most Athena person ever!
You're acting all Athena!
by PandaFox8019 December 23, 2011
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Athena is the most perfect woman you'll ever meet. She is funny, spontaneous, and absolutely breathtaking. She loves whatever you do, and will do anyyything to make you happy. She makes you feel like the most important person in the world and you make her feel the same. She gets worried constantly about you, but thats okay because it just shows you how much she cares. Every second with her feels like a dream and she's an angel. She is a true goddess and you worship this amazing woman. You never want to let her go, because she is just perfect and no woman could ever live up to her.
OMG! what an Athena!
She's perfect she is an Athena.
I love you Athena
by SL.Goddessworshiper December 6, 2010
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Ancient Greek mythological goddess of wisdom, said to have been born from the head of Zeus. Is often portrayed as warlike, wearing a helm, armour, carrying a spear and the legendary shield AEgis and accomponied by an owl.

The city of Athens was named after her after a contest between herself and Poseidon, god of the sea. The competition involved giving the new city the greatest gift - Poseidon gave them the river, but Athena gave them olive trees.
I often imagine Athena's armour to be blue, due to a Greek mythology graphic novel I once read as a child.
by Cap'n Shensisque June 10, 2005
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