A large amount of semen, ejaculate
That bitch was so hot I busted a Fat Nut on her tits!!!
by DoctorVegas November 30, 2009
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someone with a large head. scots insult.
"fuck up, ya fat nutted, bawheedit bastard."
by conor147cfc March 8, 2017
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Someone that lays around all day and is very fat.
by Hairy Monk January 22, 2017
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The roll of fat that extremely over weight women have that hangs below their waist. (Not to be confused with phat nutz.)
"Damn dude, Misty has really put on weight since high school!"

"Yeah, I know, she has fat nuts!"
by Darren Hunt January 5, 2007
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When you masturbstate for straight 6 rounds after an extended period of abstinence due to circumstantial inconveniences.
End of the summer camp:
Jim: ‘Ye when I’m back home imma bust a fat nut
Jack: ‘nice’
by 'Filthy Mortal Child' July 14, 2019
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When you release a nut of gargantuan proportions that is worthy of the gods
"Wow i busted the mightiest of fat nuts in my neighbors dog yesterday"
by ForJevers December 13, 2016
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