4 definitions by 'Filthy Mortal Child'

aka Ghost Calorie, when someone engages in a strict diet but still gets fat.
'She's been on like a diet since like 2002, wtf is wrong with those like phantom calories.' - Elaine
by 'Filthy Mortal Child' July 29, 2018
When you masturbstate for straight 6 rounds after an extended period of abstinence due to circumstantial inconveniences.
End of the summer camp:
Jim: ‘Ye when I’m back home imma bust a fat nut
Jack: ‘nice’
by 'Filthy Mortal Child' July 14, 2019
'Yo who you going with for prom'
-'oh, josh. We're rainbow buttmates.'
by 'Filthy Mortal Child' May 29, 2018