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someone with a large head. scots insult.
"fuck up, ya fat nutted, bawheedit bastard."
by conor147cfc March 8, 2017
The compulsive habit of couching any probing comment or statement or defensive response with the redundant prefix of "I mean".
So much imeanery going on these days. Every zoomer is constantly hitting out with "I mean, it is what it is, I guess." and all sorts of other thought-terminating cliche garbage prose.
by conor147cfc November 12, 2022
A nonsensical way to express the idea that it's easy to see what the right course of action was, when the dust has settled.

20/20 vision is 50th percentile, average. It's mediocre. It means you can see at 20 feet what the average, middle-of-the-line person can see at 20 feet. Hindsight (perfect deduction) is the opposite of that. It's flawless. Properly expressed, to make any sense and actually convey the intended meaning, it would be "Hindsight is 20/0".

Stop saying this nonsense bullshit.
by conor147cfc December 30, 2017