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Crazy Scottish guy in the Austin Powers movies that weighs over a thousand pounds. He has fiery red hair not only on his face and head, but a whole frickin coat of red down his back. He loves eating and being a slob.
Fat Bastard is prone to farting a lot, and then making jokes about them, and even comparing the farts to different situations and things. Has played several roles in the Austin Powers Series; including a Scottish bagpipe player, basic assassin, UPS deliveryman, and a sumo wrestler.
Some Fat Bastard quotes:
-"Ya know what mah favorite Helen Hunt movie is? TWISTER!" (Picks sumo wrestler up with a titty twister)
-"Sorry, I fahted..."
-"I want mah baby-back, baby-back, baby-back ribs...........CHILLLLIIIIIIIII'S baby-back ribs!"
-Mistere English Kerenel, tryin ta tell me ta lose weight. Well, let me tell ya somethin, Sonny Jim; I ate a baby! Oh yeah, BABY: the other OTHER white meat! Baby: it's what's for Deener!"
-"Where's mah mo-ney?"
-Aiiieeee.......frisky are we?"
by Jonesy March 24, 2005
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Fat Bastard: I havent seen my Willy in over three years! Thats long enought to call it legally missing!

Im fat becaise I eat, and I eat because Im fat.
by portedo May 07, 2008
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A big fat man from Austin Powers. He's Austin Powers obese enemy. Has huge moobs, a big fat stomach, is sweaty and is ugly as fuck... possibly the ugliest character in existence.

Also can be a name applied to anyone who's large and annoying.
Vitale looks like fat bastard. Ugh.
by bosm January 28, 2009
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Overweighted individual who was never registered or recognized by his/her parents. Usually acts like a asshole trying to miss lead attention from the fact of being fat.
That fat bastard stood up outside an elementary school molesting kids and taking the candy away.
by BiggieBoreal October 31, 2009
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To eat junk food by placing a similar, but slightly different, piece of junk food on top of it. The eater then proceeds to bite both in one motion, hence completing a full fatbastard.
Damn, did you see Sean fatbastard those two doughnuts? Chocolate and Vanilla frosting for the win!
by Crazy Legs February 22, 2006
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