A dummy account on Facebook in which the owner only adds friends for the purpose of fapping (masturbating) to their photos.

This may be as simple as a freshly-made, blank profile or as complex as a fully fleshed-out profile with fake photos, background information and persona.

Doing this requires certain precautions:
1. Don't add any friends from your real Facebook page
2. Don't forget to log out after using it every time
3. Refrain from speaking to the women you have added (remember, this is a fake account used only for fapping, no good will come from actually talking to these women)
4. If you decide to tell anyone about your Fapbook, don't tell them your fake name.

Tips and tricks:
1. Once you add one person, look through their friends list for more. Slutty girls often have slutty friends. Also, the more mutual friends you have, the more likely it is they will add you.
2. Eventually, you will get banned from adding people for a while. To avoid this, get girls to add you by having a photo that looks like an attractive celebrity.
3. For some unknown reason, you will occasionally be prevented from adding certain people. Poke these people and they may add you, or poke you back. In either case, you now have a link to their profile on your page.
4. If a favorite fapping object unfriends you, simply post a link to their albums on your wall. Unfortunately, this only works if their photos are viewable by all.
An example of a fapbook would be a male creating a profile and adding only women to whom he would like to masturbate. He may add women who have their photos only viewable to friends, or he may add particularly attractive women just to have them on standby so he doesn't have to look them up again.
by Hunch Tover August 23, 2011
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A scrapbook full of porn clippings for the owner to fap to later on.
by 903 King October 21, 2009
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The act of checking your Facebook in between porn videos.
Hold on, let me wash my hands. I didn't expect you to message me while I was fapbooking.

Jack was lucky when his mom walked in on him in between videos fapbooking.
by General Lee Derping May 10, 2011
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the worldwide social networking sensation known as fapbook is a phenomenon based upon pointless status updates, faggotry, and lesbian orgies rolled into a shit sandwich with a sprinkle of std's and raging butthole wars. the ancients say it used to be something called facebook, reserved for a select group of real people, now it is frequented by prostitutes, drug dealers, gay fish and evil employers. For most, it is more addictive than cherry popsicles and as addictive as world of warcraft, you become part of the machine, a zombie slave, taken advantage of like a two dollar myspace slut. It is a prime example of the degradation of a once benevolent web domain, now a piss filled back alley, mined by shady corporations and sullied by pseudo-twits and really huge twats.
Hey Asshole! Stop looking at fapbook, so we can get some fucking chimichangas.
by 2hard2fap June 26, 2010
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To jerk off or masturbate to photos on Facebook.
kid 1: Hey dude, wanna hang out later?

kid 2 (Extremely sexually agitated): Naw man, I'ma go fapbooking.
by phelgmcannon February 18, 2010
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The process of going through the photos of:

-the attractive girls on your Facebook friends-list,
-the attractive girls on the friends-list of the party-girls on your friends-list,
-or even the random girl who was your waitress at dinner last night that you spent half an hour trying to find just because she smiled at you,

and fapping to these girls' pictures.

This can be done with or without other tabs open that have porn going. This can be done for any extended amount of time, even if you only looked at the pictures to get yourself hard to then fap to porn or if you were going back and forth between the porn and the photos of the girl(s).
Despite having a hot girlfriend who was often waiting for him in the bedroom, Pierre's porn addiction would often have him turn to FapBook to jerk it out instead.
by IronWolf213 May 8, 2018
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The consequence of visiting a naughty-looking Facebook link or page, only to have said visit commemorated by an autogenerated sexy wallpost or invite to all your FB friends, who will assume you've just been there for a quick fap.

Non-wanking variations could include "phishbooked" or "spoofbooked". But the wanking ones are funnier.
"Why did Wayne post a link to that video? His mum AND his wife are on this thing!"

"Nah. Wayne got fapbooked."
by GoodbyeHumanDoodle July 23, 2011
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