A fictional character existing only in the minds of those who choose to believe in the Falsey. Mr. Falsey comes around any time when a person is proven wrong, does something stupid, or just makes an ass of themselves.

Usually referred to as 'Mr. Falsey'.
I was sure my processor was fried, but it turns out i just didn't have the power supply properly connected to the motherboard. Mr Falsey got me REAL GOOD!
Can also be used in sentences such as:
He'll getcha!
He'll getcha good!
He'll getcha REAL good!
Falsey's gonna getcha!
Gon' Gon' Gon' Gon' Gon' Getcha!
by Mr. Falsey March 9, 2005
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The brother of Karma
Gon gon gon
falsey gonna getcha
gonna getcha real good
mr falsey
is gon gon gon gon gon
by SMOKER March 21, 2005
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Andrew Lindenberger
Wow, that guy is such a falsey pants. He needs to get himself a unicorn.
by Ebony Adara June 17, 2013
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When it is immediately obvious that a Female is padding her breasts.
Joe: Aww, she's hot!

Slug: Maybe, but allow me to introduce Prima Falsey evidence.

Joe: What?

Slug: Her tits are padded, dude.
by Johnny Pseudonym October 12, 2007
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When a man is having sex with a woman doggy style and proceeds to secretly take a crap. Then he sneakily pulls out and proceeds to do her with the log of poo until she hath cum.
I had tacos last night, so i had a very sloppy man made falsey!
by DarinJ October 24, 2006
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