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The main protagonist character in Hunter x Hunter with his sidekick buddy Killua who might be gay for Gon since he's been acting hella sus around him lately. Gon is some spiky green-haired kid with eyes nearly as big as Biscuit's (her eyes are fucking huge) and is courageous.... and that's it. The fact he is so courageous tho is a major problem for his friends because he never fucking takes the time to listen to them and does what he thinks is best, which is basically like fighting the final boss as a level 1 player in an rpg, and somehow in the end, they still manage to defeat the villain. I also want to note that Gon has gone apeshit with his emotions and SPOILER WARNING literally goes apeshit in episode 131, turns to this shadowy figure that looks fucking sick, then a Dragonball Z character and beats the crap out of Neferpitou mercilessly after he figured out that she can't heal Kite. Because Gon is so powerful sometimes, Hisoka has a hard on everytime he sees Gon along with Killua who is basically The Flash with his Godspeed. To conclude this definition, anime is not gay and you should give Hunter x Hunter a try.
Gon: Why were you looking at me while I was asleep?
Killua: I was not >:CCC
Gon thinking: *This mf gay af I might have to dip*
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by MyGlockHard May 02, 2020
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You can tell by the way she walks, she got that WAP.

You can look at her face and tell she ain't got that WAP.
by Black Don August 06, 2020
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G on is a term used by Australians when "getting on" reffering to buying weed
Friend one: It's 4:20 cunt I hope you were able to G on.

Friend two: Yeah cunt I got us a pretty dank fiffo, don't smoke it all you dero.
by AussieCuntLord September 20, 2018
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A cyber bully. Derived from "Gangster" and "online" combined. Pronounced like "Jeon".
What happened to Gene's wall?
He got struck by a G-on

Who do you think is the biggest G-on?
Probably Jonathan, or Seokmin
by Rawrmyun October 31, 2010
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