his name is gon from hxh (hunter x hunter) and his dad said i’m going to name you gon and i’ll be gone 😛
Ging: I’ll name you Gon and I will be gone 😛
by gonsshoes on tiktak September 30, 2020
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12 year old Gon freecss is the main protagonist in the anime "Hunter x hunter" he's pretty adorable not to mention outgoing, but when he gets pissed, this mf is SCARY. But over all the scariest thing about this kid is he doesn't give a fuck about anything, he just does his own thing and just goes with the flow. You want a determined character in an anime? Look no further, the whole anime 148 episodes is about a 12 year old looking for his dad who literally left him a message saying "you can look for me but I don't want to see you" but this mf dont give a SHIT, the WHOLE ANIME IS ABOUT HIM SEARCHING FOR HIS DAD WHO DOESN'T GIVE TWO SQUURTS OFF PISS FOR HIM. The whole hunter x hunter fandom knows that gon and killua are 100% gay for each other. Anyways, gon is the sweetest most stubborn adorable kid in this anime and he deserves more love. This is one of my favorite animes of all time and I 100000% suggest you watch it.
Gon is a 12 year old kid looking for his dad
by Mariea J March 13, 2021
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An unripened fruit
Me:i wanna be like gon
Friend: why...
Me: so hisoka will give me a cute nickname

Friend: like what
Me: unripened fruit :))))
by Vsco sally September 15, 2020
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Broccoli boy from hunter x hunter with daddy issues and is gay for his best friend killua🕳👩🏻 🦯
“ Gon is a broccoli boy
by ⭐️KuRapIkaS bAlD heAd💧 January 19, 2021
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Me: hey do you like gon?
Them: ew no
Me: -cutely knocks out-
by Simp😫 March 12, 2021
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Word for all universally excepted means of financial exchange, e.g. cash, commodity, drugs, sexual favours, other recognised financial instrument.
Gary: Hey mate, wanna go to the show?

Barry: Nah mate, can’t, got no gon.
by Micktee November 9, 2018
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