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The brother of Karma
Gon gon gon
falsey gonna getcha
gonna getcha real good
mr falsey
is gon gon gon gon gon
by SMOKER March 21, 2005
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An annoying know it all who doesn't shut up. Thinks he is popular and hot, but no one likes him. He is also extremely ugly and short.

Unpopular boy and girls name.

Another name for a dick.
Blake: Hey, I can get any girl
Person 1: You're fucking ugly
Person 2: No-one likes you
Person 3: Fuck off shorty
Blake: You're so immature, you're just immature
Person 1: Fuck off
Person 2: Blake, you are fucking gay, piss off nobody wants you around faggot.
*Blake runs off crying as everyone else holds in laughter*
by Smoker May 05, 2014
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