very sneaky
I followed bob sneakily around the building and scaried him.
by Blackmoondust November 14, 2009
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It's just the adverbial form of sneak or sneaky. It's not a real word and it damned well should be!
I went into Dr. Aweful's mountain lab sneakily, and stole his blueprints for a flying monkey machine!
by Felix January 10, 2005
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The act of being sneaky. Performing actions in a sneaky way.
He was sneakily sending text messages to his mistress as his wife watched the kids.
by PappaZappa April 3, 2009
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In a Sneaky fashion. Typically used to describe an action in a D&D encounter.
by Emma Maverick October 18, 2023
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When someone is mean, but on the low-key. You'd think they'd be a nice person, but they aren't.
"Yeah I don't like that class" "But everyone's supposed to be nice I've heard" "Exactly. They're sneakily mean"
by The crippled ging November 26, 2013
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