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He/She will be the first thing you think of when you wake up, and the last thing when you fall asleep. You will constantly think about he/she throughout the day. When he/she smiles your heart skips a beat. Your eyes are glued to he/she once you see them, and somehow you can't take your eyes off he/she. You would do anything for he/she just to make them smile, and be happy.
"I'm falling in love with her, because of her smile."
by LegitArmyBxB December 14, 2014
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The phrase often used to describe the stage where your starting to fall in love someone. Trust me, when your in this stage, you will know. You constantly think about her and can't seems to get her off of your mind. Your heart skips a beat whenever you see her and everything little things she does, maybe just a "hi" can brighten up your day in any way possible. You will day dream about her, she's the last person you think before you go to sleep and your first thought when you wake up in the morning. And when someone hurts her or make her cry, you just want to kill and crush that person up. Β But when you know that you want to spend the rest of your life with this person, have a family with her, that's when you know your actually "in love". Even when you guys get into fights, you still love her no matter what and she's always going to be your first priority. And even if something went wrong, and you guys claims to let each others go, the truth is you can't let her go. She will alway be in your heart and you know it. There's not a day that goes by that you don't think of her, or wonderΒ if she's doing okay or not. If your in love with someone, don't ever let them go, if you messed up or she screwed up, just try to work things out, because the truth is you only fall in love once and if you lose it, your never gonna get it back. So cherish the moments you have with her and never let her go...
Guy 1: "Man i think i'm falling in love with her"
Guy 2: "What do you mean man?"
Guy 1: "I can't stop thinking about her, she's been on my mind all day. Even though i just saw her 2 minutes ago, now i'm starting to miss her. And dude i wonder what out baby would look like"
Guy 2: "Oh no your in loveee"
by Iwhwyquihffwipakana qvvq April 18, 2010
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A man knows he is in love when he is shaving in the bathroom, and his girlfriend casually stroles in and proceeds to sit down and take a big shit in his presence.
After man gets over the initial shock of the situation and realizes he is falling in love :

"Will you marry me?"
by chugers April 14, 2009
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A mistake you will regret for your whole life.
Friend : Is that your wife
Me: Yup, i regret falling in love with her
by peropiesm August 17, 2017
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