A mistake you will regret for your whole life.
Friend : Is that your wife
Me: Yup, i regret falling in love with her
by peropiesm August 17, 2017
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You don’t only see the beauty outside but also inside of a person. Every time you see them your heart starts beating faster and you can get goosebumps or start shaking. You know you are in love when you go to bed and wake up thinking about that person. You feel warm around them and you can smile over miles when you think of the person. You start to think of them because of random objects, people, places or feelings, for example the person is driving a black Audi, you will start thinking of them every time you see a black audi.

Falling in love can be hurtful or very beautiful, both is normal. Just remember that you will find the right person in time.
phrasal verb

If you are falling in love with someone, you are strongly attracted to them and start loving them.

He/She was fantastically handsome - I am falling in love with him/her
by babyelefant12348 February 23, 2021
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