1: Dance like wild
2: Stop sharply, while running, walking, or doing whatever
1: Like in "Let the bodies hit the floor" from the "bodies" song by Drowning Pool
2: A monkey jumped on his head, and he hit the floor so that his friends could help him get it off
by Marin Bratanov May 17, 2006
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That's what robber says when the crime is in progress and he wants everybody (except staff) to lie down on the floor, so nobody can attack him.
"This is a robbery! Hit the floor, you bitches! ...don't try anything stupid, sucker, do what I say!"
by 5000 April 6, 2009
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The best and Most funkiest sounding song on METEORA!!!!!!
In case u ppl have lived under a rock for the past coupla months, meteora is Linkin Parks new Album!!!

ROCK ON!!! ; )
by Robs a nice piece of ass September 2, 2003
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it is an "idium" (example the cats out of the bag) that means everything gone wrong
person one: hey man you okay?
person two: no, my mam was just murdered by my dad...
person one: shit,, currys hit the floor
by JALO40000 May 5, 2016
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