a beautiful, wonderful, amazing, awesomeeeee, wiffffeeee<3 i love her :) tehehe.

" i loveee her "
by anniversary present... October 31, 2011
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Esther loves Silas more and it’s facts
Who loves who more ?

Esther, Esther loves Silas more

This is facts

by estherangie14 August 6, 2021
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1. An affectionate term used in the place of Love, to the same value... or thereabouts.

2. An amazing, caring young woman from like, San Jose or somewhere similar. Anyway, that's beside the point. Everybody loveees Loveee, for she is fabulous, and should be known and loveeed by all. <3
1. 'I totally loveee you, dude'

2. 'That's Loveee, she's top dog, the bee's knees.'
by Anonymoose!! June 4, 2009
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an extreme love or passion for something. Loving it soooo much one day and then forgeting about it the next day, like fake love but o so strong
OMG, those plaid shorts are loveee
He is Loveee
by tishhh July 8, 2005
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