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A person who is a Facebook Stalker. Tries to add you as a friend multiple times even though you have no idea who they are. After many failed attempts they get mad enough to send you numerous emails asking why you won't add them as a friend thus making them look psychotic and stalker-ish.
Haley is such a psycho, she needs to get a life. She tried friending me on Facebook 10 times this month and I keep ignoring it. Then she sent me a few emails demanding to know why I won't add her as a friend. I don't know you, leave me along you "Falker"!
by SassyJax01 December 01, 2010
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Someone who stalkers people, behind the use of fake avatars, on the internet.
Derived from a mixture of Stalk and Fake.
"This person don't look real, they been stalking me, what a falker!"
by falker0001 November 21, 2009
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Facebook stalker. One who is a minor aquaintance with the stalkee, but follows every event in this individual's life via facebook.
"Jonathan is such a falker. I caught him spying on Ms. Thang today through facebook."
by McBooby July 10, 2008
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A hard working son of a gun. Someone who is dedicated to what they do, and won't stop until the end result is perfect. A Falker gets sh*t done and looks good doing it. They know how to play hard, but work even harder, and when you need something done, a Falker hops to it RFN (RIGHT FALKING NOW).
We need a falker on this job, STAT.

I really wish we had a falker on our team right about now, this project would be running a lot smoother.
by arealfalker September 12, 2019
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term used to describe facebook stalkers. You know the ones, they add only girls and always have posts saying 'do i know you?' and then randomly try and strike up conversations with them in the hopes of finding someone mentally depressed enough to go out with them. Where they usually proceed to hide in the bushes and lick their windows late at night because although they like to seem like players they're really just sad lonely pathetic people with no lives.
Man falls off a building.

everone: good he was a falker!
by hi11m4n August 03, 2010
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