Short form for Statim, which is Latin for immediately medical
I need a knife... stat....
by PorscheFanatic March 19, 2004
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nick name for Amare Stoudimire of the NYC Knicks stands for Standing Tall And Talented
WOW! look how STAT dunked there!
by ogren543 December 5, 2013
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Stands for Screen Time Away Time. Consciously limiting your own screen time and being unavailable via technology or not engaging in gaming, texting, social media, etc.
No, I didn't see that picture of your new car, I've been STAT for the last two days.

Just FYI I'm going STAT until Friday.
It's so annoying that you can't STAT for even a second.
by Nicole Lizzet November 23, 2019
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STAT stands for Standing Tall And Talented, and is a nickname for NBA basketball player Amare Stoudemire. He inherited this name from the tattoo on his right arm that reads 'STAT', and the nickname suits him very well as he stands at the height of 6'10, and is one of the most talented basketball players out there. Amare plays for the Phoenix Suns (the best basketball team in the NBA) and with Steve Nash (another Suns player) he will be able to lead the team to a championship.
STAT is a beast!

STAT is an amazing basketball player; he will get a ring soon enough.
by Suns Lover 13 June 18, 2008
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An abbreviation of the Latin statim, "immediately", often used in medical contexts
-The patient's heart just stopped working.
-We need a defibrillator in here stat!
by Jules112 February 15, 2009
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By combining "ASAP" and "stat", it means to do something even faster than either of these words alone would intend.
to a friend: "Get his dick out of you A-stat! He's got the hiv!"
by mc-muffintop September 9, 2009
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