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Someone with homosexual tendancies, characteristics © Tim Psomas 2004
"Fred You're So Fagatious! Want Somma Dis?" *Pointing both hands towards penis*
by Tim Psomas February 17, 2005
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Any act, type of dress or speech that is in every way, shape and form most obviously gay withough a doubt whatsoever and probably extremely hilarious as well. Mainly directed towards homosexual males.
i was in the drug store when two guys walked past me discussing their favorite kinds of lube. it was the most fagatious thing i'd heard all day!
by Q212 November 13, 2006
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Adjective: When a heretosexual male or homosexual male acts in a overly or excessively feminine or "gay-like-manner",having qualities traditionally associated with women. Not to be
confused with a "Metrosexual", unless his style of dress emphasizes femininity.
Taken form the deragatory informal words used for homosexual:Fag and Gay with the added suffix "ious"(forming the Nouns into anadjective or characterization of said subject).
"I don't think he's into women I think he's kinda fagatious."
"My stylist is definitely not 'fagatious', he's slept with almost all of his female clients."

Think drag queens: in the Movie, "To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything Julie Newmar".
The TV show, "In Living Color's","Men on Films". "Hated it!" "Two snaps up with a twist".
Jack from "Will & Grace".
Any dude in drag of any kind.
by JP aka Main April 28, 2006
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(adj) fag-aye-shous: Acting in an extremely homosexual manor; Describing someone who constantly embarks in faggetry
I hope the 3rd season of Spartacus isn't so fagatious
by Moral Kombat December 23, 2011
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