A movie made in 1960 directed by Stanley Kubrick. The plot entails a slave army led by an ex-gladiator (Spartacus) that threatens the sovereignty of Rome. Sadly, they don't defeat the Roman armies.
Famous line: I'm Spartacus!
by Josiah Fallot August 20, 2008
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Someone who is strong, in will, body, and mind, honorable, noble, a champion, courageous, a man of ambition, revenge, and his word. This man is usually small, is anything but boastful, yet confident, and humbled by his own understanding that he is the best or soon will be. This person is usually anti-social in nature, and extremely quiet, but will have usually one extremely close friend. Someone to be admired.
Person 1: Wow, it's his first year and he is already going to nationals.
Person 2: He's a regular Spartacus.
by Ethyl Merts March 11, 2011
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Spartacus was a Thracian Gladiator of Normadic stock, who (along with several other "generals") in the year 73BC, led a slave uprising that started at the school of Gladiatoral arts situated in ancient Capua, Rome. The rebellion started off with a relatively small number of escaped slaves numbering around 70, but grew to consist of over 100,000 slaves who had escaped their Roman masters to join Spartacus in rebellion. He was later put down in 71BC by Marcus Crassus and Gnaeus Pompeus Magnus (also known as Pompey - THE Pompey) following the battle of Siler River.

In the aftermath of the war, Crassus famously crucified 6000+ of the surviving rebels along the Via Appa with each cross standing several feet apart from each other, from Capua to Rome.
Spartacus was a fierce warrior.
by Historian7769 July 8, 2016
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When you squat over a girls face, drop your balls on her forehead, lay your dick down along her nose, and have her yell "I AM SPARTACUS!"
"Tina finally let me Spartacus her last night. We woke up the dog."
by iamspartacus August 16, 2007
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The best guy on F2 and Flecko, in his own not so humble opinion. A moderator, he is also known as Lothar, whose Strength is a Legend, and his Skill Conquers All... he has also been known to say, "Carpe Mammarium", which means 'Seize the Breasts' in Latin.
Spartacus is triplefold bitchin'.
by Spartacus September 9, 2004
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A movie quote where the law demanded a crowd to bring forth Spartacus (who had just fucked some shit up) and everyone began to claim to be Spartacus cause no one wanted to be a snitch bitch.

In modern terms, to claim ownership of an act that has legitimately pissed someone off in hopes of deescalating the situation or can also be used to further enrage the person. Works best when other friends join in.
*during huge party at Tom's house*

Tom: EVERYONE SHUT UP *music stops* Who the fuck put a dent in the bathroom wall!?

*a few seconds of silence pass*

Josh:... I'm Spartacus
Bill:.... No I'm Spartacus!
*bunch of other bros chime in claiming to be Spartacus*

by I'm Spartacus November 19, 2010
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