Every manufactured boyband has one token gay member, often ridiculously camp yet still in the closet for the sake of his female teenage audience who are in denial.
This member is almost always known by the name "The gay one from name of band in enlightened conversation.
"Hey, isn't that the gay one from Westlife doing his shopping?"
by tonighttonight June 8, 2007
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That One Gay Cousin is well, your gay cousin. If you don't have one, chances are, YOU ARE that one gay cousin!
Person 1: Who is your one gay cousin?
Person 2: I don't have a gay- oh shi- I guess I'm the gay cousin...
Person 1: Congrats! I always knew you were that one gay cousin!
by IHateNamingThings.org April 6, 2019
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The very gay sexy friend who is also very kinky and love women<33
Oh it’s that one gay friend: she’s not actually gay tho
by Gay friend September 6, 2021
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