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'facetious' to lovers of olde English
"Grandmother: Bwoy, yu bring dat dutty footbottom inna mi house?

Grandson (puzzled): But, Granny, mi put on mi shoes.

Grandmother: Bwoy, yu facety eee? Ooo yu t'ink yu talking to?

Grandson: But Granny ...

Grandmother (interrupting): Bwoy, shut yu mout'. Don't talk when me talking. Cho, too facety!"
by Funkg January 08, 2013
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Jamaican slang for someone being cheeky, rude or out of order. Commonly used by black people in urban areas of UK, in early 1960's onwards. Now adopted by the various cultures (youth) of those areas, as much of Jamaican slang has now been.
Jamaican: "Bwoy yu sa facety!"
English: "Na man, you're facety!"
by Connie Wilson January 04, 2006
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London slang. also means rude, or leary. usually describes a girl, usually of black origin (reputation for attitude).
dude 1) see that crackead getin facety to me? thinkin hes a rudeboy or sutin.
dude 2) yeh man, lets jump him.

dude 1) me n ma girl split yesteday.
dude 2) good for you man, she was a right facety bitch
by Judge Fudge December 14, 2004
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Origin: Feisty - adj. feist·i·er, feist·i·est
Touchy; quarrelsome.
Full of spirit or pluck; frisky or spunky.
adj 1: showing courage; "the champion is faced with a feisty challenger" syn: plucky, spunky 2: irritable and looking for trouble; "too touchy to make judicious decisions"
by RuffDiamond April 26, 2005
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Who the fuck knows. This word is only for illiterate retards that don't know how to say the word feisty.
"damn that kid is facety" *dabs*
"Wtf facety isn't even a real word mate, do you mean feisty?"
by WTF is facety October 20, 2017
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