To have your Facebook (or other social networking site) used by someone else when you have accidentally left it logged in.
Tom was using my computer and the bastard Faceraped me because I hadn't logged out of Facebook.
by Facefaced January 23, 2010
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1. When someone molests facebook account because you were too retarded to log out.

2. When facebook changes your setting against your wishes
Tim: I'm glad you came out of the closest yesterday.... I've been meaning to ask you something..
Rob: What? What do you mean?
Tim: You status says "I'm a cock sucking fudge packer"
Rob: shit, I've been faceraped....
Tim: Oh...
Rob: What were you going to ask me?
Tim: uh...umm... You see that Eagles game yesterday?

Facebook: Enjoy your new facebook profile
Steve: Fuck I've been faceraped! WHAT WAS WRONG WITH THE OLD ONE!?
by imthatawesome December 16, 2010
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The act of abusing someone's Facebook account on a computer where they have left themselves logged in. Usually results in a change of status proclaiming their sudden change in sexuality, as well as numerous wall posts to friends containing bizzare messages.
I left my Facebook account signed in on Jacob's computer last night and he completely Faceraped me!
by Tawseyowl February 11, 2009
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Verb - The act of engaging in, and performing acts of rape to the orifices located on one's face.
Ben: did you hear about Jill?

Drew: no what happened?

Ben: she got #faceraped by the whole football team and now her lower jaw is broken!

Drew: oh wow her dad must be pissed

Ben: nah she dosnt have one
by DildoSwaggins69 March 8, 2018
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When you leave your Facebook logged in at a public place, someone else goes through your accounts and adds silly groups and changes your status
Boy 1: Did you see my facerape today?
Boy 2: yeah saying (girl) had wet herself was so funny
Boy 1: All her friends thought it was true as well haha
by Lu_ellen March 13, 2009
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When leaving your Facebook account logged in, a so called friend decides to update your status. Usually to something sexually graphic and inappropriate.
I was only away from my laptop for 2 minutes when Sammy decided to facerape me
by platapin July 15, 2010
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A violent attack performed by a man in which a face is fucked against the will of the person who's face is being fucked
by Annihalation January 9, 2009
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