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To have your Facebook (or other social networking site) used by someone else when you have accidentally left it logged in.
Tom was using my computer and the bastard Faceraped me because I hadn't logged out of Facebook.
by Facefaced January 23, 2010
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1. When someone molests facebook account because you were too retarded to log out.

2. When facebook changes your setting against your wishes
Tim: I'm glad you came out of the closest yesterday.... I've been meaning to ask you something..
Rob: What? What do you mean?
Tim: You status says "I'm a cock sucking fudge packer"
Rob: shit, I've been faceraped....
Tim: Oh...
Rob: What were you going to ask me?
Tim: uh...umm... You see that Eagles game yesterday?

Facebook: Enjoy your new facebook profile
Steve: Fuck I've been faceraped! WHAT WAS WRONG WITH THE OLD ONE!?
by imthatawesome December 16, 2010
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To be Face Raped is to be the subject of a sexual act to the face. I.e. to be either receive a MAJOR pop/shot in the face, or to be muzzled/smothered.
Julie!... Graham face raped me last night. He had to wash his sheets afterwards.
by Kelly Marie July 01, 2006
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When a person logs onto ones' computer or laptop when the user isn't looking and changes their Facebook status into something inappropriate
John Smith sucks willy for a fiver.

Ahahahhaa! John just got Face-Raped!!!
by hahayougotowned February 04, 2009
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The Sexual act of a Woman rubbing her breasts into a person's face without his/her consent.
Mark: Hey Steve, Jessica rubbed her boobs in my face! I wasn't even expecting it.

Steve: Dude, she just face raped you. Lucky Bastard
by PlayBoyMan May 28, 2012
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Making out for more than five minutes to the point where your lips get chapped.
Boy Alex face raped girl Alex when they hung out.
by Sophia1815 November 20, 2018
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When seated in a crowded public area and a man takes advantage of the crowd by standing right in front of you with his package in your face. With nowhere to go, turn, you are forced to be up close and personal with his crotch.
I was just face raped by that googly-eyed Cincinnati Gay while waiting for my table at First Watch.
by allieblahblah March 14, 2011
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