The act of abusing someone's Facebook account on a computer where they have left themselves logged in. Usually results in a change of status proclaiming their sudden change in sexuality, as well as numerous wall posts to friends containing bizzare messages.
I left my Facebook account signed in on Jacob's computer last night and he completely Faceraped me!
by Tawseyowl February 11, 2009
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A violent attack performed by a man in which a face is fucked against the will of the person who's face is being fucked
by Annihalation January 9, 2009
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To wipe the palm and fingers of your hand down someone's face, when they are least expecting it.

A perfect Facerape is performed from forehead to chin.

A reverse Facerape (chin to forehead) has (to my knowledge) never been successfully performed (without causing death, of victim)
the girlfriend leans in for a kiss, you pull back and WAMOO; Facerape!

A Friend concentrating way to hard on his game of Call of Duty = perfect Facerape opportunity.

Fun for all ages.
by Handallinan September 17, 2010
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when someone is kissed against their will and their entire mouth is violated
dude, my bf got faceraped, and now he has aiiiiiids
by Aloysha April 25, 2009
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When someone subjects you to a visual against your will, with no warning. Example: naked fat chicks, blue waffles, elephantits of the balls etc.
Mike just faceraped me with a picture of and old grandma and her blue waffle!
by Mean Little Mama December 13, 2016
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Verb - The act of engaging in, and performing acts of rape to the orifices located on one's face.
Ben: did you hear about Jill?

Drew: no what happened?

Ben: she got #faceraped by the whole football team and now her lower jaw is broken!

Drew: oh wow her dad must be pissed

Ben: nah she dosnt have one
by DildoSwaggins69 March 8, 2018
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To have your Facebook (or other social networking site) used by someone else when you have accidentally left it logged in.
Tom was using my computer and the bastard Faceraped me because I hadn't logged out of Facebook.
by Facefaced January 23, 2010
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