6 definitions by Annihalation

A phase meaining to rock extremely hard to the point where the doors blow down
by Annihalation December 29, 2009
A violent attack performed by a man in which a face is fucked against the will of the person who's face is being fucked
Get the fuck away from me before I facerape you
by Annihalation January 9, 2009
The TV repair man enters the room with this tool belt hanging loose, the music starts...BAUM CHICKA BAUM BAUM
by Annihalation November 9, 2007
A bribe.

To give someone something, normally money for a task without other knowing about it
I back handed that cop for busting me for possession
by Annihalation August 6, 2006
Face eating is an attack in which the a face is eaten straight from someones head
by Annihalation January 9, 2009