To wipe the palm and fingers of your hand down someone's face, when they are least expecting it.

A perfect Facerape is performed from forehead to chin.

A reverse Facerape (chin to forehead) has (to my knowledge) never been successfully performed (without causing death, of victim)
the girlfriend leans in for a kiss, you pull back and WAMOO; Facerape!

A Friend concentrating way to hard on his game of Call of Duty = perfect Facerape opportunity.

Fun for all ages.
by Handallinan September 17, 2010

1. To utterly destroy someone or something against their will.

2. To uncontestedly own someone.
"The special-ed kid tried to play baseball today, and got faceraped when a line-drive hit him square in the nuts."

"We got totally faceraped in halo today, I think I only had one kill...."
by Venkman October 31, 2006
when someone is kissed against their will and their entire mouth is violated
dude, my bf got faceraped, and now he has aiiiiiids
by Aloysha April 25, 2009
When someone subjects you to a visual against your will, with no warning. Example: naked fat chicks, blue waffles, elephantits of the balls etc.
Mike just faceraped me with a picture of and old grandma and her blue waffle!
by Mean Little Mama December 13, 2016
When a man violates the face of a woman by kissing her in such a fashion that her face feels like it has been raped. Examples of this include but are not limited to; sloppy wet kissing, kisses that miss the mouth region, sucking of ones lips so hard that they turn an unnatural shade of red, and shoving of ones tongue deep into a woman's throat.

Men can be faceraped also, but the term "faceraped" is most commonly used by women.
Hannah: " I was at a bar last night and this drunk guy attacked me by giving me a nasty, wet, sloppy french kiss!"

Marie: "He faceraped you!"
by Mcbird June 25, 2009
When a girl totally messes up her face with way too much make up, piercings etc.
guy: Look at that girl, what a total waste of a face
other guy: facerape..
by Berendonder June 11, 2009
The act of one or both drunks in a bar consistently making out for hours. No matter what song or situation, they continue to make out through the confusion. Through beer breath and goggles, the two continue to be joined at the tongue.
Dinger was blacked out last night and faceraped that girl all night long. His tongue must be sore because that was a three hour workout.
by Boonville All Star May 11, 2009