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v. To go on another person's social networking profile that has been left on the computer because the victim is away.
Jimmy left his Facebook on, I'm totally facejacking him!
by UrbanLynx March 17, 2010
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to post your own self-promoting information on a FaceBook page under the guise of being a friend or fan.
"That motherfucker Joe Schwartz wont stop facejacking his link onto everyone's page."
by Joe's Black T-Shirt May 04, 2010
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When a friend forgets to logout of Facebook, Face-jacking is the art of making them appear to have written hilarious status updates about their own sister, become "fans" of lame things, and "like" anything and everything.

Not to be confused with a botched female circumcision, or jack nasty face
1. Cam: Why does Tim like my status?
Matil: Tim seems to like my status too?
Ben: Why would he like my status, when its just me talking about how good looking i am?

Matil: Looks like classic Face-Jacking

2. Why the hell am I a fan of both 'I hate crocks' and 'I hate the people who hate crocks' ?? Damn Face-Jacking...
by Mad Dweeb November 04, 2009
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When someone comments randomly and unintelligent on your Facebook page.
Facebook user > officially ate a pound of bacon
>user comment> i once made love in bacon grease

I hate facejacking
by jimmyjenga May 09, 2010
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To go through a friends friend list on facebook and jack friends from them. Identical to Spacejacking on Myspace, only on facebook.
Man, Emily's got a bunch of fine ass friends. I'm going to go facejacking and get at least 4 or 5.
by ODUB October 19, 2009
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