When a man’s dick only gets hard for a person he loves or has caught the feels for despite sexual attraction.
Did you fuck Lexi, bruh? Nah, couldn’t get it up still got that love dick for Jessica.
by KaiHer May 25, 2022
Not just regular dicking down. The love dick. Dicking down of the kind invloving the feels. You will love this dick more than the norm dick.
Vic yells to brandon"I need love dick!"
by Faded.viv December 29, 2016
Jack sucked my brothers cock last night
Jack loves dick so much
by Jacklikesdicksomuch December 20, 2021
A book written by someone who states they're a lesbian, but the title suggests otherwise.
I love dick, politically correct people have tried to ban it.
by Iam not Elmer Fudd December 28, 2019