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1) A term reffering to someone who uses Facebook to stalk others (noun) can also be used as an adjective (Your a Facebalker) or a verb (Im gonna do some Facebalking)

2) A person who throws up on other people's faces, also a verb of the act of throwing up on someones face (I just got facebalked on!)
"Be careful what you put, that Zane is a FACEBALKER"
"Hey I hear Cindy broke up with Matt... I might go Facebalk her now"

"ahhh man I jsut facebalked someone, she aint gonna bang me now :/"
"Dude you facebalked her?!?!?! oucchh!! man, good luck banging ANYONE when they find out your a FACEBALKER :P"
by Chocolateaddict July 24, 2009
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A Facebook Stalker. Someone who makes a comment on every post you add and/or "likes" what you wrote even though you never respond to them. You would love to de-friend them but are afraid you would appear to be a prick if you do.
Crap, Ryan. That Michael guy is a total Face Balker. He comments on your every post. He's so annoying that I'm thinking of hiding you. Do us all a favor and de-friend that bastard!
by Bored in Scummyvale November 22, 2009
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