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A famous member of FaZe clan who doesn't make Call of Duty video's (or any other games) anymore, yet he wasn't kicked from the clan yet. A person who gave up gaming for stupid pranks.
You gave up gaming for pranks? You're such a FaZe Rug.
by Daredeviil June 24, 2016
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Faze Rug is a 19 year old Arabic man who doesn't pray 5 times like he should and Allah is watching down on him. He has a Mercedes where he pulls all the bitchs. He has Bosley the cool ass pug
Faze Rug got a bj from some random chick at the Mcdonald's parking lot
by Mama Rug August 07, 2016
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A YouTube nerd who used to play call of duty with his other nerd friends, who now just makes crappy vlogs and "challenge" videos. In these crappy vlogs he typically walks around his house and talks to his only friends, which include his mom, dad, brother, and his obese dog.
Friend 1: Hey! Did you watch that new Faze Rug video?
Friend 2: lol, of course not!
Friend 1: haha, me neither!
by grieb July 27, 2016
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The smallest FaZe member (smaller than FaZe Apex) , his house is also haunted.
Person 1: Wow, have you seen how small FaZe Apex is?
Person 2: Yeah, but have you seen FaZe Rug? He's even smaller!
Person 3: I know right, I heard that FaZe Apex is taller than FaZe Rug, even with shoes on!!
by CSammut September 23, 2016
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Ah. Faze rug. Boi where do I begin. Faze rug is a "Call of duty" youtuber. I put that in qouets because if you were to look on his channel you might find a cod vid. He has a dog named bosley which is the reason we still pay attention to his channel. He doesn't have a bitch yes to ride his dick and will forever work at his local supermarket run by his family because his content is shit and he doesn't get cash from YouTube for making vids.
Faze rug isnt wat we watch for.....its his doggy bosley
by JohnScares14 January 06, 2017
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