a group of wanna be hype beasts that trickshot on call of duty while wearing yeezys that got for 150 dollars and apex is short
by faze blaze November 13, 2017
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when something doesnt faze you it doesnt bother you
his new girlfirend dont faze me
by nacole September 1, 2006
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deterrence, determent, discouragement, dissuasion.
Two opponents trying to antagonize,
each other,making one to be afraid.
" Do you thing that you can faze me you
Touches-Laker...Bla..Bla..Air bubble.
by shi.ouz July 31, 2005
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to make hesitant, to perturb (usually with not)
Lightning does not faze them.
by The Return of Light Joker September 2, 2009
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(noun) a fight or confrontation
(verb) to fight
" Ay, bih keep talking talkin' and u finna get dat faze "

" I scared to faze dat nigga"
by Jloco May 2, 2006
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When you go to buy a bag of weed and the dealer tells you its haze but you know its not haze. Hence the word faze
by buddhamon August 27, 2008
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faze - (noun) - 1. Someone who acts like a douche-bag for immediate and fleeting social media exposure; particularly in the e-sports demographic. 2. A young male that has reached the age maturity, but has not yet developed mental maturity. 3. Someone who is going through a 'faze,' that will certainty fade out.
"A faze came up to me bragging about how he brought GHB to Comicon."
by #Sendprudes in New Orleans September 17, 2019
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