Mr. Johnson sent me to the principal, so I told him "FYI," and I left.
by bigtones January 20, 2005
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FYI (n) (short for fine young intellect): A very bright, gifted young individual who excels in almost every subject he or she is studying; esp. a fast learner.
Julie was not just a very diligent student. She was a fine young intellect, capable of identifying a species' call by hearing only a mere fraction of a second of it.
by Boggler March 17, 2004
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Something idiots say because they're too lazy to spell 'for your information'.
A random girl online: Ha, losers! I just got a bf!
Me: You're probably a ten-year-old who just wishes she had one
A random girl online: Uh, fyi, I DO have a boyfriend!

Me: D-Did you just say... 'fyi'
A random girl online: Ugh, yes!
Me: 10-year-old confirmed
by sansdeskelebro March 10, 2017
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(Verb) F.Y.I.-ing
1. The act of telling someone something for their information.
2. "For your information" in verb tense. (Similar to LOLed, Laughing out loud in verb tense "I just LOLed")
Girl- That's going to take forever, and you're an idiot for not listening to me.
Boy- No, I can do it myself, because i'm stupid.
Girl- Just FYIing.
by Grace Kim February 29, 2008
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Often used for "for your information", in many cases this acronym more appropriately conveys "fuck you, idiot!"
Boss: Joe, you did finish your report by the deadline this time, didn't you?

Joe: FYI, I finished it a day early!

Wife: Honey, I thought I asked you to mow the yard yesterday?

Husband: FYI, I ran over my foot with the lawnmower so I thought I'd wait to get my prosthesis before I finished the job.
by Jbterry July 10, 2008
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Often used when forwarding emails; sometimes this could mean "fuck yourself intensively"
Hi John,

We should think about that.

by _Kitto December 18, 2008
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