Often used when forwarding emails; sometimes this could mean "fuck yourself intensively"
Hi John,

We should think about that.

by _Kitto December 18, 2008
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for your information
HURLEY: Right, you were failsafing. Well, F.Y.I., the whole island vibrated. And Kate and Jack and Sawyer saw it, too, right before they got bags pulled over their heads.
by mydi1000 August 12, 2015
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Almost always, said abbreviation will stand for "For Your Information".
However, one alternative definition for this term is "Fuck Yourself Internally".
Bob: Hey Jason!

Jason: Yea?

Bob: Go FYI (F*** Yourself Internally)!


Bob: FYI (For Your Information), I said, "Go F*** yourself internally".

Jason: Now HOW am I supposed to do that?

Bob: Internally. THAT's how. *Points to self-masturbating hobo on the street*

Jason: Oh.
by Pabriel May 27, 2014
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Mr. Johnson sent me to the principal, so I told him "FYI," and I left.
by bigtones January 20, 2005
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FYI (n) (short for fine young intellect): A very bright, gifted young individual who excels in almost every subject he or she is studying; esp. a fast learner.
Julie was not just a very diligent student. She was a fine young intellect, capable of identifying a species' call by hearing only a mere fraction of a second of it.
by Boggler March 17, 2004
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when somwone is getting on your nerves and you want to insult the person wihtout been rude you say FYI.
by Cici March 10, 2004
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