The one true overlord that will save us from the everlasting suffering known as life.
There is a war coming and only Shrek 2 can save us.
We all must pray to the Shrek 2, for he will show us the way to salvation.
by Shrek 2 November 28, 2016
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The best movie of all time containing the best movie soundtrack of all time
Rick: I don;t have much money, but i can give you Shrek 2 Directors Cut DVD and three Justin Bieber Cd's for it.
Stan: Shrek 2 Directors Cut DVD? That's a bargain! Here you go.
by LifeIsFutile October 26, 2018
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Shrek 2 on VHS is an item that is one of the most valuable objects in the universe. Some may say it is more important to human culture and history than the Holy Grail.
“Is that it” “Yes, it’s Shrek 2 on VHS”
by Mememaster2”420 June 26, 2020
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When you're watching Shrek 2 with your date and they promptly leave afterwards.
"Yo man, how'd your date go?"

"Pretty bad, I got Shrek 2'ed."
by Agent Tony Gunk January 28, 2020
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